Monday 23 September 2019

Aran Gas Esfahan Co

By the participation of authorities with more than 30 years of experience, and in the field of producing and distributing industrial and medical gases, Aran Gas Esfahan Co. started in producing and charging industrial gases in pressurized cylindering in 1980, by the daily capacity of 1000 gas cylinders. After considering the daily requirements of market and simultaneous with development of I.R. Iran in production, and restoration of the destructions due to the imposed war and by studying the industrial productions fields in the countries with region, this company could as the first production plant in the private sector import two separate production lines, in 1994, regarding the gas condensations in the field of producing liquid oxygen and nitrogen and update its activities with the world's modern industries.

With further growth in main industries and with recognition of liquids gas properties and usages in industrial fields and also with remarkable features such as lower risk and easier and faster transportation, and higher need of industries, in year 2001 the company started the increase and improvement in the quality of its products base on its strength and its knowledge.

In addition, the company started the establishment of its liquid carbon dioxide production line, in year 2004 for providing the supplies and needs for these products for those industries.

After its establishment, the company initiated its amalgamation and organization of its production units, task forces and equipments, as one of the biggest private trusts in providing industrial liquids gases, and gases and for supplying better and wider services to the customers started the centralized distribution and sale under the name of Aran Gas Co of Esfahan and related companies to it.

In the end Aran Gas Co. of Esfahan is proud to announce that it is one of the biggest providers and suppliers in industrial gases with 5 productionunits, 7 distinct production lines in field of production of industrial liquid gases, 3 oxygen gas production lines and 2 carbon dioxide production lines in form of liquid and gaseous, with distinct strategic ability to produce these products, and with daily production capability of more than 70 tons of various liquid gases. It also has long-lasting background and direct and indirect collaboration with other recognized and fundamental companies and industries such as Iran Petroleum Excavation Company, Petro-Chemical industry, radiator manufacturers, food industries such as carbonated beverages, plant oil industries, and more. It also has been considered as one of the exporters of industrial gases in relate to industrial gases, as liquid nitrogen and two other gases with high laboratory purity of (99.9999 %) and standard purity of (99.99 % ) , liquid and gas form of oxygen with purity of (99.99 %) and liquid and gas form of carbondioxide with purity of (99.998 %) and other compound gases with use of Systech measurement test and with required inspection certificate, and with organized scheduled transportation services in different sizes from 5700 to 22000 kg, which transport to all parts of Iran and also providing (both rental and sale), erection and commissioning of various Cryogenic reservoirs and gas reservoirs with other attachment and it is ready for supplying services, products and collaboration with all industries.


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